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All Access Subscription

All Access is a great way to view/listen to all of your McNeills favorites - whether it's music or videos.  You gain access to ALL of our streaming media PLUS exclusive content that cannot be viewed or heard anywhere else.  New album projects will be posted here first.  New videos and content will be added throughout the month.  Best of all, you can access it ANYWHERE on your phone, tablet, computer, or any device that has internet connection.  It will allow you to listen to all of our music in your vehicle that no longer has CD capabilities.   


  • Instant Access - As soon as you submit your order, you will have access to our full library of videos and music
  • Full Length Concert Videos - Watch specially recorded, full length concerts
  • Exclusive Video Content - Gain access to videos that will not be posted anywhere else (not on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo...)
  • Video and CD Premieres - Be the first to listen to new CD projects and watch video releases (before downloads or physical products are available
  • Watch Livestreams - Watch Livestreams that are no longer available on Facebook
  • View Videos by Category - Full Length Concert, Silo Series, Fan Videos, Hymns, Worship Songs, Bloopers...
  • Watch Videos without the talking - Once you've seen the full video, you can watch JUST the music
  • View Fan Videos - These videos were shot during concerts by a fan and capture some fun moments (submit yours!)
  • Behind The Scenes Videos - Watch those scenes that didn't make the cut, or see how we make it all happen
  • Bloopers - See the failures, the funnies, and the embarrassing moments that happened along the way
  • All The McNeills CD Projects - Stream any or all of your favorite The McNeills album(s), a great way to listen in cars that no longer have CDs -  shuffle available
  • LISTEN to video on the go - If you are in the middle of watching a video and have to leave, your phone will automatically connect to your car and continue playing the video through your speakers - you can't watch but you can listen!  NOTE:  Your phone has to be connected to your car stereo via Bluetooth for this to work.  
  • Living Large With The McNeills Video Series - an Exciting new segment coming soon!  This series will give you a glimpse  into living the life of a large family on the road, at home, and at play.  Basically, this will be a little (BIG) real life, family friendly reality TV.  We are SO excited about this segment!
  • Ministry Support - This is a great way to support the ministry on an ongoing basis, while getting exclusive content and all without breaking the bank
  • Take it anywhere - no need to lug a CD or DVD around
  • No Physical products - A great alternative to paying $115 for physical products that can be eaten by the dog, scratched by the children, or just simply lost.  


Have something your interested in seeing as part of our Living Large With The McNeills segment?  Want to submit a video for the Fan Video section?  Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Duration: 1 month
Price: $7.95

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