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A.K.A Sammy…  Finally another boy!  This hardworking young man is an absolute delight to our family. He is ready and willing to lend a helping hand and is definitely Dad’s (and Mom's!) helper.  He is quick to encourage us as we are working on music and likes to join along by practicing his shaker/drumming skills. As a matter of fact...  he has absolutely crushed it in the drumming category, learning some of the most difficult drum solos around.  We have been blown away by the maturity and skill he has shown.  Sammy can do anything he puts his mind, often fixing broken things that nobody else can fix (including his dad!).  He has stepped up to fill his big brother's shoes in a BIG way!  He handles load in, load out and sound setup.  He handles bus prep, maintenance and has become quite the mechanic.  He also sings lead and harmony with the group.  Yes, the drummer can SING!.  At 16, he is working to start his own car restoration business and helps in any and all building projects.    He is also our resident joke teller.  He has got a head start on bad dad jokes and has a pun for everything.  

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