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Also known as Mom or Mama, Michelle is our publicist, booking agent, public relations officer, website and graphic designer, our HR person, and most importantly, our lead vocalist (sometimes anyway... we kinda like to shake things up!). She is the centerpiece of our home and is the driving force behind most things we do.  Michelle plays the mandolin, is a songwriter and helps with the vocal and instrumental arrangements.   In all of her spare time, she homeschools this crew, writes educational software for special needs children, works on fixing up the bus, gardens,  and helps care for her parents.   She also loves to build things (from furniture to pools to decks to buildings), renovate (she can do plumbing, electrical, flooring, sheetrocking, texturing, painting... all that's required!!), and aspires to build tiny homes.  She also owns and runs myTotalHealthMentality where she is a health coach and teaches classes on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and more!


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