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Landon, the oldest son, has more personality than many small countries.  He is our part time lead vocalist and tenor, and sometimes bass.  Like we said, we like to mix it up!   He is also our resident comedian.  Wait ‘til you see his impersonation of Mark Lowery, or Jake Hess.   At the ripe old age of 20 and towering height of 6’2”, his puppy-dog eyes, bushy tail, and witty brain are sure to melt your heart or have you in stitches within minutes.  He loves the fiddle, older music (and new!), and plays the cajon. Really, he can play any instrument he picks up (therefore, he is not allowed to touch our instruments...)!  Landon was blessed to be given his Great Grandfather's fiddle (his namesake!) when Landon Matthew passed away.  He is carrying on a family tradition and doing an amazing job along the way.   When not “fiddling around”, Landon co-owns his own T-shirt making business with his sister, Caylie, helps his mom in all of her building endeavors, learns coding and web design, and wants to build tiny homes with his mom and sister.  


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