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From the youngest to the oldest, the entire McNeill family is/has been a part of their Americana Music ministry and that is one of many things that makes them so unique.  Each person plays a distinct and important role in the ministry.  Whether they are loading in, setting up mic stands, ringing out the room, running sound, cleaning the bus, singing, playing instruments, or watching the younger ones, each person is actively involved in each and every tour.   That said, you will see everyone involved in the ministry on stage at some point in a concert.  This is a journey the McNeills never foresaw, but one that has been embraced by the whole family.  

Chris(aka Dad):  Plays the keys and bass, sings tenor and bass, helps with load in/load out, sets the sound, writes song, arranges, helps keep the bus in shape, and drives the bus.

Michelle (aka Mom):  Plays the mandolin, sings soprano and alto, helps with sound set up, handles the booking, keeps the calendar up to date, does the web and graphic design, handles all of the behind the scenes communications and paperwork, handles social media, does video editing, writes song, helps with arranging, and generally manages all of the "going ons".  Michelle also has her own business - myTotalHealthMentality where she teaches on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle change and the importance of have a total health mentality.  She is a certified health coach (not associated with any diet or food plan).

Caylie:  Plays the guitar, sings soprano and alto, is the reason this ministry began, handles coordinating the wardrobe for tours, checks to make sure each person has done their "bus duty" (checking to make sure instruments are on board, clothes are washed and packed, both shoes for everybody are present and accounted for, food for the trip is bought and on board, etc...), writes songs, arranges, helps with social media, is in charge of "bustastrophe updates", and helps with booking.  Caylie is recently married and now has her first child with husband, Sheldon.  Caylie also owns and runs her own t-shirt business - The Printing Co.  

Landon:  Officially retired from the road in March of 2022 to join the Army where he is currently stationed as part of The Old Guard.   Previously, he played the cajon and fiddle (and anything else he wanted), sang tenor and bass, carried the weight (literally!) of load in and load out of all the of the equipment, was the master Tetris player in making all of the equipment fit under the bus, was the master cord roller (there's a right way to do it so that the cords don't turn into a tangled mess!), and helped with bus maintenance.  

Grace:  Plays the piano, sings lead and  high harmony whenever and wherever she is needed, helps get younger siblings dressed and hair done for concerts, helps with load in and sound setup, runs the product table, and helps watch the kids during a service.  She is currently getting her Data Analyst Certification.  

Brianna:  Plays the banjo, lead guitar and dobro, sings lead and low/high  harmony whenever and wherever she is needed, helps get younger siblings dressed and hair done for services, is in charge of loading in and setting up the product table, runs the product table, and runs sound during the concert/service.  She just launched her own business - Rustic Chic & Co.  

Hannah:  Plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar, sings lead and low/high  harmony whenever and wherever she is needed, helps get younger siblings dressed and hair done for services, cleans the bus and watches the young ones during load in/sound setup/check, and does makeup for the younger girls.  She is an artist and furniture reinventor.   She is currently building her own art studio (literally!).   Be watching for her store front in 2024! 

Samuel:  Has stepped up to fill his big brother's shoes in a BIG way!.  He plays the full drum kit and has mastered songs that only the best of the best can play.  He handles load in, load out and sound setup.  He handles bus prep, maintenance and has become quite the mechanic.  He also sings lead and harmony with the group.  Yes, the drummer can SING!.  At 16, he is working to start his own car restoration business and helps in any and all building projects.   

Madelynn:  Sings in our "Little Girl's Quartet", helps with load in, helps set up the product table, takes care of the bus, can often be found meal prepping and helps watch "the littles".

Ayden:  Actively helps with load in, load out and sound check, and sings in our children's choir.  He is still choosing his instrument, but is leaning towards the fiddle.  

Sarah:  Sings in the children's choir, sings a solo, and aspires to play the ukulele.  


It's all in the family and they like it that way.





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