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Our bubbly, energetic, always smiling, and warm beauty! She plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar, sings lead and low/high  harmony whenever and wherever she is needed, helps get younger siblings dressed and hair done for concerts, cleans the bus and watches the young ones during load in/sound setup/check, and does makeup for the younger girls.  She is an artist and furniture reinventor.   She is currently building her own art studio (literally!).   Be watching for her store front in 2024!   Hannah loves to help in the kitchen, bakes amazing cookies, makes earrings and bracelets and does paintings for the product table and is a huge help both on tour and around the house.  She is our resident childcare worker when we are on tour, although she is slowly handing this job off to Madelynn.   She has a heart as big as Texas, is loyal to a fault, and will be your biggest chearleader!

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