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Caylie is the oldest (and to date, most ambitious).  She is what set our musical journey in motion.  God gave her a dream and she threw the whole of her being, her passion, behind that dream.    It was her vision for us to start  singing together as a family.  She began playing the guitar at 16 and hasn’t looked back.  When her musical “self” awakened, it was firmly fixed on Southern Gospel and Bluegrass and expanded from there.  Although not surprising (the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree), it was quite a delight to her parents.  Caylie has become an amazing songwriter and arranges and writes many of the songs on our projects. She is fun, smart, and a blessing to those around her.  She sings lead as well as harmony in the quartet.  She loves hanging out with her siblings, singing (always singing...), writing (when she has time), fashion and hair care, healthy living, and - like her mother - aspires to build tiny homes.  


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