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This song-loving, joy-filled beauty is one of our all-important backup vocalists and part of the heartwarming children’s choir.  As she is so very apt to tell you, she is 26 and LOVES The Gaither Vocal Band.  When she got to meet Mark Lowery and Bill Gaither, she was quite certain that marriage was in her not-too-distant-future.  Then, she met Ben Isaacs (our producer) and found her new best friend (they are truly the best of friends today).  Ashleigh can be heard singing almost all day long, while she takes care of cleaning her room, the kitchen and the bathroom.  She simply adores the Gaithers and just about ALL music.  If you need to motivate Ashleigh, all you need to do is tell her you are going to turn off the music!  LOL!  She doesn't let her diagnosis of Down Syndrome hold her down - especially in the music department!  She spends her days writing up the set list for when she gets to sing with the Gaither Vocal Band, and writing letters to her favorite people.  She also LOVES to swim and read books.  

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