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What in the world is Americana Worship?  It is worship and music for all ages and covers the gamut of music styles that are loved in the United States (hence the Americana).  You see, The McNeills love all different types of worship music and drawing people from the very young to the young at heart into a spirit of worship.  At least that's their hope!  Their musical styles and influences are as big as their family. 

From praise and worship, to bluegrass, to a Capella, to country gospel, to the great hymns of old, The McNeills truly have something that everyone can enjoy - bridging the generation gaps with a unique style, variety of music and lineup.  As a matter of fact, their style is so unique that they don't fit into the box of traditional music genres.  And that's the way they like it!  When they first got started singing, producers didn't know what to do with them because their music was so broad in spectrum.  One producer said...  the best I can do is call you Americana. 

Their desire is not to entertain the people (although that happens), but to draw people of all ages into a heart of worship, to encourage and uplift the body of Christ, and share - through music -  what the Lord has done in their lives.  This is a group that you have to see to believe - one of the most watched groups that you have never heard of...

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